The Sound of Azure
Microsoft Azure

The Sound of Azure

Big data orchestrated into amazing

Microsoft had big news on a dry topic: the launch of a new Azure data centre. The centre – Microsoft’s first in Australia – solved customer concerns about data sovereignty, disaster recovery and server scalability. Trouble was, local competitors would be saying the same. We needed something else. An unexpected instrument. Something that took all those other dots and dashes, and put them in their place.


To show data’s true potential, we captured the live data-flows of Australian businesses already using Azure cloud services in Australia, then transformed them into an audio visual score our audience could see, hear and experience. Visitors could also create their own soundwaves based on their own social network data. We turned real-life, real-time data into something memorable. We created music. This is the sound of Azure.

  • Trillions of real data dots orchestrated into 760 unique soundwaves
  • Time spent on site: 2.5 mins
  • 6.6 million unique page impressions, smashing our target by more than 500%
  • 8,048 new accounts created, a month on month increase of 47%
  • 33% campaign engagement rate
  • 4,000 unique visits to The Sound of Azure
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