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Wunderman - Bienalto


What we want in 2017

Every January, fans of the future kick-start their year with a pilgrimage to Vegas. They’re in town for one thing only; the Next Big Thing – a breakthrough innovation with the power to radically alter how we live work and play.

Welcome to the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), a showcase where every major electronics manufacturer under the sun jockeys for buzz, hoping to be the next iPhone, Nest or Alexa.

But this year, perhaps the biggest CES find wasn’t a ‘thing’, but a philosophy… the philosophy of Wantedness. Coined by Wunderman, who used CES to deliver the findings of a massive attitudinal study spanning the US and UK, Wantedness encapsulates what consumers, well… *want*.

Defined as “the degree to which a brand proves their commitment to earning a customer across every touch point and throughout the entire path to purchase”, the Wantedness mindset is abundantly clear; consumers will only consider brands that continually prove their understanding and care.

Traditionally, marketers have primarily focussed on developing consumer loyalty. But the data from the study shows brands now need to demonstrate their commitment to serving consumers *and* exceeding their expectations. Not sometimes. Not often. Not even frequently. But every day.

Anna Karena, Executive Creative Director for Wunderman-Bienalto, ANZ, explains.

“Locally, our customers are now having their service expectations set by best-in-class global standards. They’re regularly exposed to the pinnacle of data-driven customer experience through their interactions with Amazon, Uber, Airbnb, and other freshly invented and brilliantly innovative giants.”

“This sets our local customer’s service expectation bar very high – and if they experience anything less, with say a local Telco, Bank or Supermarket, they’re not cutting anyone any slack.”

“For local marketers to nurture mutual ‘Wantedness’, they need to not just keep their customer experience ‘on-point’ with the best in the world, they need to strive to exceed it.”

You can find the entire Wantedness playbook here. And for even more coverage, check out the extensive coverage on ADWEEK and The Drum.