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Wunderman - Bienalto


A year in. A look back.

Every year, Wunderman-Bienalto welcomes a clutch of fresh-faced graduates. Chris Chan joined the optimisation team at Wunderman-Bienalto 12 months ago, fast becoming a problem-solving superstar for clients. Here's a recap of his first year.

So, tell us your name.


And do you go by a nickname/call sign at work?

Lauren calls me Christoph, I’m also the kiwi, the hobbit, chan man. 

Star sign.


 What exactly do you do here?

That’s a good question! Can you tell me?

 Can you tell us about your first day? What do you remember about it?

Oh man, despite coming into the office for 3 separate interviews, I still decided to arrive in a suit on my first day. Pretty sure I was dressed fancier than Hurol! Nowadays it’s t-shirts and jandals.

 Who made the biggest impression?

Joe’s beard.

What’s surprised you most over the past year?

It’s certainly been a big transition moving into a full-time office job. My previous job was in retail, so it was certainly odd having fixed hours. That being said, working at Wunderman has been possibly the chilliest office job you could ever have. Free breakfasts were a big surprise. Also the amount of fun you have during the day and how everyone will have lunch with each other in a big communal table. No sad desk lunches here!

Has the job matched your ideas of what you thought it might be?

To be honest, I came in without the slightest idea of what optimisation was, but I’ve learnt an entire profession and almost an industry in the last year. The most rewarding aspect of the job is the amount of autonomy and trust I am given to give frank advice to our clients on a day to day basis. We work as close as we can with each other without being co-located, but we send each other memes so it definitely makes up for it.

Best day?

To date, it was probably the Christmas Party.

What’s the first thing you do when you get to work?

Make myself a flat white.

 Go to lunch order?

Vermicelli noodle salad with Kate and Jess at [old] Suncorp food court.

Go to website?

When I have a free moment, the New York Times.

 Have you made any friends at work?

You know what they say: grads who drink together, stick together (Josh, Mark and I). The optimisation team are all pretty close, so we’ll occasionally do a Friday pub lunch.

 Mac or PC?

Is that even a question?

 PowerPoint or Keynote?

Google Slides.

 Tell us about the next 12 months. What are you hoping from them?

Welcome the new grads and make them feel part of the team like I was. Upskill to become an optimisation BOSS level 523.

What advice would you give to someone about to start their first real job?

Take it easy, keep an open mind and learn as much you can. Never turn down anyone when they ask for help. Even when it’s to buy 10 cappuccinos at the café downstairs. People remember that.

Knowing what you know now, what would you tell yourself if it were your first day all over again?

Wear a t-shirt. And bring some chocolate.

Do say…

Yes to gender equality.

 Don’t say…

No to a beach day, ever.


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